Managed services

Let us manage your data needs so you can focus on your core business

Get full support on all your data architecture

Let us handle all the details, tasks and tickets associated to the of your data services, from bugs to maintenance. Reduce costs and improve service level with our support service.

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Use our highly qualified talent

Datavalue enjoys an interdisciplinary team of data analytics professionals who are also domain experts in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Mining, Manufacturing and Healthcare.

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Get accionable insights effortlessly

You give us your data, our team of experts analyzes it using several methods and techniques, and master data storytellers give you actionable insights to improve and drive business decisions.

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maximize the value of your data


What type of analytics can you outsource with us?

There four main type of analytics and we can help you with all:

Descriptive Analytics (Business Intelligence to get inspired and start asking the right questions)

Diagnostics Analytics (Advanced Statistics to answer business questions deriving insigths)

Predictive Analytics (Using Machine Learning techniques to answer business questions in bulk)

Prescriptive Analytics (Machines making decisions in bulk based on predictions)

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maximize the value of your data

Data governance & Security

Will your data be safe?

To ensure complete data security, we conduct 24/7 in-house security monitoring and store data within highly secure facilities on cloud.

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maximize the value of your data

business knowledge

Can 'outsiders' such as Datavalue's experts understand your company?

When hiring Managed Analytics Services with Datavalue, our experts work together with your company's employees (specially at initial stages of the service) to make sense of the data obtained from all sources. This practice allows our team to achieve a full understanding of your company's data in the context of your peculiarities.

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