AI-Powered solution for RETAILERS
Access to right stocks, optimum prices and customer loyalty.
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Inventory Optimization made easy. A Simple, Powerful, Proven Solution to Help you Manage Your Stocks!
Access to centralized information and take prompt action. Make efficient procurement and stocking decisions to supply your distribution centers, points of sale and/or production plants.
Predict your demand and prevent lost sales, low stock and high working capital costs.
Automatically adjusts Average Daily Consumption (ADC) and Median Daily Consumption (MDC) by seasonality to achieve greater precision.

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Understand Customer behavior and Increase Engagement Rates
Personalized approaches for a targeted and efficient communication. Increase retention and sales by offering the right products to the right customer.
All your customer and transactional data in one place. Accelerate your actions considering every touchpoint in your sales and marketing journeys.
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Revenue and products’ margins performance metrics at your fingertips.
One single truth. Have CRM, ERP and POS data altogether for a deeper analysis
Monitor growth. Understand the relationship and impact of your sales and marketing actions on your profitability.
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Impact your business growth by accelerating decision-making process. We know how important are margins for you. We have them ready-to-analyze for you.
Automate Financial Reports preparation and enhance analysis capabilities with our expanded filters capabilities - filter by store, city, operating centers, years or months, business categories, brands, and the ones you need.
Get alerts on indicators that climbed to dangerous levels of financial health.
Visualize the historical performance of each financial ratio.
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Our solution uses analytics and Artificial Intelligence to help
you face stocks, customer, sales and finances challenges.
reporting time improvement
We put the right data at your fingertips ready to analyze
decrease in procurement planning
Get the exact amount of every product to source each store
reduction in lost sales
By enabling the calculation of potential lost sales based on consumption trends and sourcing times.
improvement on marketing performance
Activate personalized campaigns to real target customers based on their buying pattern.
Unlimited integrations capabilities
Seamlessly access to a democratized view of your business by integrating every data source from your operation.
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Las marcas más emblemáticas del mundo utilizan la experiencia de Datavalue
para optimizar las cuatro experiencias principales de sus negocios.


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